(A) Electronics Design

Operational amplifiers: Non-ideal operational amplifiers; current sources; current mirrors; offset; bias; drift; noise; gain-bandwidth; rise time; inverting and non-inverting configurations, e.g. voltage follower and instrumentation amplifier. Interpreting manufacturers’ datasheets. Frequency response of amplifiers and gain and bandwidth limitations.


 (B) Design of Digital-to-analogue converters and analogue to digital converters.

Design of ADCs

Design of DACs

 (C)  Network Analysis

transfer functions of R, L, C networks; pole/zero diagrams; network time response; forced and natural modes; step and sinusoidal response. time constant; stability; second order response; use of standard second order response chart.


(D) Filters

Filter classification LP, HP, BP; 2nd and higher order; transfer functions; Butterwoth and Chebychev approximations; normalised prototypes; scaling; passive and active realisations



Module Code: EAD515
Academic year: 19
Semester: S2
Occurrence: A
Level: L5
Location: BR